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Daily Aliya for Haazinu, Sheni (2nd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Moshe beseeches the Israelites to contemplate their history, starting with the generation of the Tower of Babylon. When that generation sinned, G‑d could have destroyed humanity, but instead chose to spare them, only because of Israel — G‑d’s portion — which was destined to arise from those people. In the desert, in a “desolate, howling wasteland,” G‑d enveloped and protected the Israelites with clouds, caring for His nation as an eagle tenderly cares for his offspring, treating them like the pupil of His eye. “G‑d alone guided them, and no other god was able to disturb them.”

Rashi mentions several ways that eagles be have towards their offspring for their benefit. Apparently, eagles are extremely protective, and they do many things meant to prepare their fledglings for their adult lives, as well. The Torah’s analogy is thus very appropriate.