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Daily Aliya for Haazinu, Rishon (1st Aliya)

General Overview: The bulk of this week’s Torah reading, Ha’azinu, consists of a poetic song delivered by Moses and Joshua. The song is a prophecy of what will transpire to the Jews – the good and the bad – until the end of times. The portion concludes with G‑d commanding Moshe to climb Mount Nevo, from where he would see the Promised Land before his passing.

Aliya Summary: The heavens and earth, permanent fixtures of this world, are called upon to be witnesses to the words which Moshe will now say. The Torah, Moshe declares, is life to this world, much as rain and dew are to vegetation. G‑d is righteous and just, and all corruption stems from His children, who are thankless and lack the wisdom to recognize the source of all their blessing.