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Daily Aliya for Haazinu, Chamishi (5th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: If the nations were wise they would have understood that no nation could experience such utter devastation unless G‑d had completely abandoned them and delivered them to their enemies. Otherwise, “How can one enemy pursue a thousand of Israel and two put ten thousand to flight?” Rather, the Israelites’ misery came as a result of their actions, which resembled those of Sodom and Gomorrah, actions which G‑d chronicled from the start. However, the time will then come when G‑d will have a change of heart regarding His people. At that point He will ask them to note that all the gods which they had patronized were unable to help them when He unleashed His punishments against them, for only G‑d has the ability to injure or heal, cause death or bring life.

Our challenge is to contemplate the above and understand the many lessons contained in G-d’s (and Moshe’s) words. The bottom line is that although Israel strays from the proper path, G-d will not abandon us, and He will rally to our side in the face of our enemies, if we would only realize this and appreciate the awesome power of G-d.