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Daily Aliya for Emor, Shlishi (3rd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Blemished animals are disqualified for sacrificial use. This Aliya also forbids the castration of animals, sacrificing animals before they are eight days old, and slaughtering a mother animal and her child on the same day. The Aliya concludes with the mitzvah of kiddush Hashem, sanctifying G‑d’s Name by giving one’s life rather than transgressing certain cardinal sins.

We may not desecrate G-d’s Name; we must sanctify His Name: These commandments have many facets. A Jew is required to give up their life rather than violate one of the “big three”: murder, incest/adultery and idolatry. In times of “forced conversion”, martyrdom is required even for the “smallest” violation.