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Daily Aliya for Ekev, Shlishi (3rd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Moshe tells the Israelites that they will inherit the Land of Israel not due to their own merits and righteousness, but because of the promise G‑d made to the Patriarchs. In fact, Moshe reminds them of the many times they angered G‑d while in the desert, placing special emphasis on the sin of the Golden Calf, when G‑d would have annihilated the Israelites if not for Moshe’s successful intercession on their behalf. He also makes brief reference to the other times when the Israelites rebelled against G‑d.

Modesty and self-confidence is a very sensitive balance, a struggle we deal with internally, as well as with our children. In order to conquer challenges in life, one must be confident in their ability. To that end, thinking that the results are owed to us can only lead to complacency, a lack of appreciation for what we have, which could potentially lead to squandering what we had. This Aliya helps the people realize that what we have was given to us, and although we continually have to work to maintain it, the acquisition required G-d’s help and forgiveness, and thus we are indebted. The purpose of this Aliya is to help us maintain the proper perspective in life, not by reminding us of our mistakes, but by reminding us of G-d’s absolution from those mistakes.