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Daily Aliya for Ekev, Shishi (6th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Moshe tells the Israelites that the land of Israel is constantly dependent upon G‑d for irrigating rains, and that the land is constantly under G‑d’s watchful eyes. We then read the second paragraph of the Shema prayer. In this section we are admonished to observe G‑d’s commandments, which will cause G‑d to supply bountiful rainfall and harvests. Non-observance will lead to exile. We are commanded regarding prayer, tefillin, mezuzah, and teaching Torah to our children.

This Aliya contains the second paragraph of Shema, and includes the phrase “if listening you will listen” (11:13). Rashi explains that the double language teaches that if we study what you’ve already learned, we will discover a new and deeper understanding. The Torah is unique in that it offers so much on so many levels, from appreciating the basic story, to the subtle terminologies, to the extra words providing hidden messages to those that care to analyze them. How lucky we are to have such brilliance to enjoy!