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Daily Aliya for Ekev, Rishon (1st Aliya)

General Overview: Moshe continues his pep talk to the Israelites, cautioning them not to fear the Canaanite armies for G‑d will wage battle for them. He also notifies them that their entry into the Land is not due to their own virtues – Moshe reminds them of their many transgressions to emphasize this point – but rather, it is in the merit of the nation’s Forefathers. The commandments of prayer and bentching (Grace After Meals) are mentioned. The second part of the Shema is also found in this portion.

This Aliya begins with a promise: if the Israelites observe G‑d’s commandments, they will be blessed in a multitude of ways, including the obliteration of their Canaanite enemies. Moshe enjoins the Israelites not to fear these enemies, for G‑d will miraculously deliver them into their hands. Moshe instructs the Israelites to destroy all the idols and their accouterments which they will find in Canaan. Moshe then discusses their forty-year desert ordeal, and the many tests and miracles which accompanied them. Moshe provides a description of many of the wonderful features of the Land of Israel, and the Israelites are commanded to bless G‑d after they eat and are sated.