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Daily Aliya for Devarim, Shlishi (3rd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: At that time, the Israelites approached Moshe and demanded the right to send out scouts to reconnoiter the land. Moshe recounts the tragic episode in detail, how the scouts delivered a frightening report, claiming that the land was unconquerable. Despite Moshe’s protests, the Israelites adopted the scouts’ attitude and decided not to enter Canaan. This caused G‑d to bar that entire generation from entering the Promised Land.

Apparently they Israelites asked Moshe to allow the scouts to go so they can find the best path for the Israelites to enter the land. Then Rashi adds that “there is no road without a bend”, a profound reality tragically ignored by the Israelites, and many others today. In my days engaged in Jewish outreach, I would come across many teenagers, some eager to learn and know, while others eager looking to find that twist in the road they didn’t agree with. It’s always there, you just need to be willing to slow down and navigate the turns, and come out ahead on the other side.