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Daily Aliya for Devarim, Revii (4th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Moshe continues: At that time G‑d instructed the Israelites to reverse course and head back to the desert. Realizing their dreadful error, a group of Israelites proceeded to advance toward Israel — in the face of Moshe’s objections. Lacking divine protection, they were immediately attacked and massacred by the Emorites. At this point, the Israelites heeded G‑d’s command, and headed back to the Sinai Desert.

The Emorites attacking the Jews is compared to bees attacking (verse 44), perhaps because they swarmed, maybe because they were merely protecting their home. Rashi says they were compared to bees because just like bees die after they sting, those Emorites similarly died after attacking those Jews. G-d was (and is) protective of us even while meting out punishment!