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Daily Aliya for Chaye Sarah, Rishon (1st Aliya)

General Overview: In this week’s Torah reading, Chaye Sarah, Sarah dies and Avraham purchases the Cave of Machpela as a burial plot for his wife. Avraham’s servant travels to Aram to find a wife for Isaac. Isaac marries Rebecca. Avraham dies.

Aliya Summary: Sarah died at the age of 127, and her grieving husband Avraham identified a plot in the city of Chevron that he wished to procure for use as a family burial ground. This plot, a cave situated in the Machpela field, belonged to Ephron the Hittite, so Avraham approached the Hittite tribe and asked for permission to purchase the parcel of land. Originally Ephron wished to give the plot to Avraham as a gift, but after Avraham insisted on paying full price the acquisition was concluded with Avraham paying 400 premium silver coins.