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Daily Aliya for Beshalach, Chamishi (5th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: One month after the Exodus, the Israelites’ provisions ran dry. They complained to Moshe, mentioning nostalgically “the fleshpots of Egypt,” that they left behind. G‑d responded that He will rain down bread from heaven in the mornings, and meat will be provided every night.

Although on the surface the Israelites may seem ungrateful when they complain, it’s important to understand that they are going through a critical change in their lives. They were all born to slavery, and were used to complaining to their masters, and possibly eventually getting a small percentage of what they ask for. Now they find themselves needing food, and complain because it’s all they know. They receive food that tastes like whatever they want it to taste like. This too will be a foreign concept to them – having their opinion matter. Understanding, this is why G-d and Moshe don’t get upset at the complaints, and simply address the issue.