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Daily Aliya for Bereishit, Shvii (7th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: The next three generations are chronicled in this Aliya — concluding with Noach, the tenth generation from Adam. At this point in time, the wickedness and immorality of the people on earth reached such proportions that G‑d regretted creating man. G‑d gave the world 120 years to clean up their act or be destroyed. Noach, on the other hand, was an exception. He was righteous and found favor in G‑d’s eyes.

The Midrash Rabah records the following important story/lesson: A gentile asked Rabbi Joshua ben Korchah, “Do you not admit that the Holy One, blessed be He, foresees the future?” Rabbi Joshua replied to him, “Yes.” He retorted, “But it is written: and He became grieved in His heart!” Rabbi Joshua replied, “Was a son ever born to you?” “Yes,” the gentile replied. “And what did you do?” Rabbi Joshua asked. He replied, “I rejoiced and made everyone rejoice.” “But did you not know that he was destined to die?” he asked. The gentile replied, “At the time of joy, joy; at the time of mourning, mourning.” Rabbi Joshua said to him, “So is it with the work of the Holy One, blessed be He; even though it was revealed before Him that they would ultimately sin, and He would destroy them, He did not refrain from creating them, for the sake of the righteous men who were destined to arise from them.”