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Daily Aliya for Bechukotai, Shishi (6th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Land which was purchased and then consecrated by the buyer can also be redeemed, but it reverts to its original owner when the Jubilee arrives. All firstborn livestock are sacrificed in the Temple, and their flesh is consumed by the priests. A person also has the option of dedicating and consecrating any of his belongings specifically for the use of the priests.

A firstborn is automatically sanctified to the Altar; one may not consecrate it as another korban. In fact, firstborns are often treated differently, and it deserves a ponder. Is it because the first is the most precious, and donating the first adds extra meaning to our relationship with G-d? That would make sense, except that first born people are also treated differently, and they’re not sacrificed (they receive double inheritance). There must be multiple levels of understanding associated with rights and treatment of first borns.