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Daily Aliya for Bechukotai, Revii (4th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: This Aliya discusses various endowments pledged to the Temple coffers. A person can pledge the worth of an individual, in which case the Torah prescribes how much the person must pay — depending on the gender and age of the individual who is being “assessed.” An animal which is pledged to the Temple must be offered on the altar if it is fit for sacrifice — otherwise it must be “redeemed” for its value. If the owner chooses to redeem it, he must add one fifth of its value to the redemption price. The same rule applies to a house which is pledged to the Temple.

Fund raisers use this Aliya’s strategy often, connecting a donation with something the donor might be emotionally attached to. We are much more apt to donate the amount needed to feed a child for a week than simply donating $100, although both amounts might be the same.