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Daily Aliya for Bamidbar, Shvi’i (7th Aliya)

From Moshe is commanded to take a census of the Levites of the family of Kehot, but only those eligible to transport the Tabernacle and its vessels — those between the ages of thirty and fifty. The results of this census are given in next week’s reading. This section then describes the duties of the Kehot family. When the Tabernacle was to be dismantled, the priests would cover all the holy vessels with specially designated sacks. The Kehot family would then take the covered vessels and carry them to their destination.

The Torah discusses in incredible detail the process required to cover and transport the Mishkan, and concludes with a warning that if the Kehot family were to touch or see any of the utensiles they were carrying, they would die (they need to be wrapped properly to avoid mishaps). The final Pessukim ask everyone to be diligent in making sure nothing happens to the Kehot family. Everything seems to be written from the perspective that the Mishkan is not a spectacle for all to see – it is a home for G-d to dwell among us, and we are to respect privacy and help others understand that as well.