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Daily Aliya for Bamidbar, Chamishi (5th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Moshe is now commanded to separately count all Levite males from the age of one month and older. The three Levite families are counted, and a leader is appointed for each of the families. The total of all (non-firstborn) Levites eligible for this census: 22,000. The family of Gershon camped due west of the Tabernacle, and was put in charge of transporting the tapestries and curtains of the Tabernacle and their accessories. The Kehot family camped directly south of the Tabernacle, and was in charge of transporting all the holy vessels. The Merari family camped to the north of the Tabernacle, and they were in charge of carrying the Tabernacle beams, panels, and sockets. Moshe, Aaron, and their immediate families camped to the east of the Tabernacle.

Choose your neighbors well. Rashi points out that the proximity of the Yehuda camp to the encampment of Moshe and Aharon and family, had a positive influence on the three tribes of Yehuda, Yissachar, and Zevulun – the three tribes famed for their Torah scholarship. On the other hand, Reuven’s closeness to Korach and his to Datan and Aviram, produces disaster.