Aliya Summary: The prohibitions against homosexuality and bestiality are mentioned. The Jews are then warned that engaging in these forbidden relationships will result in their expulsion from the Land of Israel — a holy land which cannot tolerate immoral behavior. G‑d commands the Jewish people to be holy. This section then briefly discuses several laws: revering parents; observing the Shabbat; prohibitions against idolatry; the obligation to burn “leftover” sacrificial flesh; the obligation to leave certain parts of one’s harvest for the poor; not to lie, cheat, withhold wages, swear falsely, curse or mislead another.

BE HOLY! – HOW? In light of the exceptionally large number of mitzvot in this sedra (K’doshim), one can fairly assume that the answer to that question is – by the observance of mitzvot. This means more than “just going through the motions”. It means a Torah way of life, mitzvot for the right motives and with the right enthusiasm.