1Lelamed’s mission is to incorporate Judaism into everyday life through education and entertainment. Learning Torah should not only teach us our history, but also how to conduct ourselves, what our priorities should be, and how to deal with everyday situations. In short, Lelamed’s primary objective is to use the Torah as a practical and relevant guide to dealing with the complexities of contemporary life.

All Meaning Has A History

Lelamed (Le + Lamed) = To Teach
Dvar = Word
Dvar Torah = A Word of Torah

The Dvar’s of Lelamed are meant for anyone that wants to grow as a Jew, no matter what level you are at. “It is not incumbent upon you to finish the task, but neither are you free to absolve yourself from it.” (AVOS 2:16). While I may be labeled as an Orthodox Jew, the content, ideas and concepts I share in my Dvars are not necessarily “Orthodox.”

The point of being a Jew isn’t to be a specific “kind” of Jew. Hopefully you will feel that my Dvars reflect that.

This project started while I was running an NCSY program as the Chapter Advisor for a Synagogue in Los Angeles called Shaarei Tefilia. Every week I had to write a Dvar for the chapters weekly bulletin, the “Bible Babble.”

A few months into this an individual asked me if I could supply them with some Dvar material for that weeks parsha (Torah Chapter). So I sent him the Dvar I wrote for that week’s “Bible Babble”. The group he shared it with liked the Dvar so much he asked if I could send them some every week. After a while a few more people were calling me and asking me to send it to them as well.

Thats how it all started and how it continues to spread today. I do not advertise or spam. Till this day the only way the list grows is when people refer their friends.

In the fall of 1995 I began an email list of the dvars which can still be joined by clicking here. The first website at WeeklyDvar.com was created in November of 2000 and a daily dvar blog called dvarman was created much later in 2009.

Lelamed.com was created to pull of these lessons together under one identity as I continue to explore ways to communicate Dvar Torah’s through social media and newer web technologies.

The Torah teaches that we should use everything we have for something positive, Lelamed is our way of doing something positive with the digital medium that has become an everyday part of our lives.