• Daily Aliya for Vayikra, Chamishi (5th Aliya)

    This Aliya describes the three unique sin offerings: 1) When the High Priest sinned (see Weekly Dvar for more on this one), 2) If the entire nation sinned because of a wrong ruling by the High Court, and 3) If the King sinned.

    Two things immediately stand out to me in this Aliya. first, the second Passuk (verse) seems superfluous, saying that if a person sins unintentionally… that’s it – there isn’t a “then” attached to the “if”. The very next Passuk starts with “if the Cohen sins…”. The second thing that stands out is the order of the offerings described. Cohen, then community, then king. It’s not going from broad spectrum to specific people, it’s going from specific, to broad, back to specific. It just seems a little random.

    It could be that the two questions can help answer each other. Maybe the “extra” Passuk is there to tell us that a person will sin, inevitably, because they’re human. And the Cohen is listed first because it’s that very same Cohen that will be handling the sin offerings for everyone else. It shows the humanity of the system, that no one is above mistakes; not the king, not the court, and not even the Cohen who will handle your sin offering. So don’t feel so bad if you make a mistake, because we’re build to err. It’s what we do about it that matters…

  • I am

    As I pondered yesterday’s post, I realized that blogs could be so much more than individual ramblings. So what next? Well, I’m glad you asked…

    It’s been my dream that I somehow contribute to a global Torah movement, much like Daf Yomi did many years ago. But rather than the content being selective by nature (those that understand Gemara), wouldn’t it be great if there was a Torah/Parsha version of Daf Yomi? That is, if everyone learned the same Torah portion every day. Well, my Daily Aliya idea is to learn that day’s Aliya (already divided for us), and what better vehicle than a daily blog? How perfect! There are, however, a few kinks to work out. One, what if there is no Parsha in a given week? Do we discuss nothing? Two, what about the seventh Aliya every week? I suppose I could write after Shabbat, or the Weekly Dvar could substitute for that day’s Aliya. I’d love feedback on either, both, or anything else.

    I think we can officially start April 7th, after Pesach ends. In the meantime, I need to figure out how to post these on my iphone.

    Now testing iPhone updater.

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