From Nearly one year after the Jews arrived at Mount Sinai, the cloud rises from the Tabernacle, signaling their impending departure. The Tabernacle was dismantled and they traveled in formation as outlined on last week’s Torah reading. Moses pleads with his father-in-law Jethro to join them on their journey to the Land of Israel.

This is a very exciting Aliya because it’s the first time that the nation actually moved in the formation described previously. Everyone had their role, from Yehuda leading the way, to the Levi’im taking apart the Mishkan and putting it back together as soon as they got to where they were going. And even the tribe bringing up the rear, Dan, had a job. As the Talmud explains, their job was to pickup lost objects from the ground and return it to those that lost it. Even being a Lost and Found is an important task!